The Arrival of Artificial Intelligence at Home

Artificial Intelligence at Home

Artificial intelligence is making inroads into the house, and that’s how companies such as LG and Samsung made clear in Las Vegas this Monday, which together with Panasonic offered an aperitif of the innovations present this year at CES, the biggest international electronic event for personal consumption

  • LG, Samsung, and Panasonic offered an advance to the fair.
  • Among the innovations shown include gadgets from the internet of things.
  • The CES of Las Vegas will be held from 9 to 12 January.

With categories ranging from wearable technology, autonomous cars or smart cities to startups, eSports or drones, more than 3,900 companies will exhibit their products at CES starting on Tuesday and for four days before some 170,000 attendees, according to the organization.

Artificial Intelligence At Home: CES 2018

On the eve of the official opening, CES brought together journalists and technology stakeholders for two days to let them know about the trends of this edition, among which the artificial intelligence, which is installed in homes and cars, has stood out.

The South Korean electronics manufacturer LG began the day with the presentation of its own artificial intelligence at home platform, ThinQ, which will incorporate their products for the home and can be integrated with digital assistants developed by other firms, such as Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

Its technological director, I. P. Park, assured that the platform will revolutionize the way in which we use things as common at home as a refrigerator or a television, which will communicate and “learn” from their owners. “You will not have to study instruction manuals anymore,” he said. You will not have to study instruction manuals anymore

Samsung Also Pointed Out That All of its Product’s Ready

In the same line, the South Korean giant Samsung also pointed out that by 2020 all its products will be ready for the Internet of Things (IoT), that is, they will be interconnected, and they will be intelligent and controllable through their digital assistant Bixby.

“The televisions, the refrigerators … will understand you,” threw out the president and chief of consumer electronics, HS Kim, who announced this spring the arrival of the application SmartThings App, with which you can interconnect and control the devices of Samsung

Televisions, the flagship product of consumer electronics, increasingly reach higher qualities in fewer dimensions and for the two Asian firms will play a central role in homes thanks to its support of artificial intelligence.

LG introduced new OLED and UHD televisions with more powerful processors that can be integrated with Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, while Samsung showed “The Wall”, a flat TV that has microleds and a custom size by the client.

Also, the two firms emphasized their smart refrigerators, which in both cases recognize the voices of family members and have screens on which, among other things, they can offer recipes with the foods they contain if ordered.

The generalization of artificial intelligence at home will almanagingnage the home – the temperature, the lights, see who knocks at the door – even from the office or the car through telephones or watches, the companies advanced.

Multinational Company Also Using This Function In a Car

Precisely, to perform this type of functions from the car, the firm Panasonic announced this Sunday that it has developed new systems of “infotainment” with Google and Amazon, and in the case of the latter, will be among the first to include Alexa Onboard, that enables the assistant even if he is not connected to the internet.

You may be asked, among other things, for driving distances, where the nearest recharging point for the electric car is located, or what is the next appointment on the calendar, the company’s president, Michael Moskowitz, reported.

In addition, in the future, even motorways will be “smart” and will connect with autonomous vehicles; In this sense, Moskowitz said that Panasonic is building a 140-kilometer highway in Colorado.