How To Send WhatsApp Messages Without Touching Your Mobiles

Whatsapp Messages Without Touching Your Mobiles

Voice assistants offer the most interesting advantages in the use of smartphones. The functions of smartphones are innumerable and in many cases, unknown to users. The mobile devices we use today have applications designed to make our lives easier, How To Send WhatsApp Messages Without Touching Your Mobiles. Many of them have become indispensable, while others are relegated to the background in our mobile phones. Among the latter are voice assistants.

Whatsapp Messages Without Touching Your Mobiles Application

Virtual applications to recreate the voice have a high potential in our smartphones. The voice assistants can be very comfortable if we do not have our hands free and, for example, we have to send a WhatsApp message. These commands will convert our words into text and send it to the contact of our mobile phone that we select.

Next, we will explain how you can send WhatsApp messages without having to touch the mobile thanks to the voice assistants, available in both Android and iPhone.

Voice Assistant on Android

If you want to send a WhatsApp without having to touch your Android phone, you have to go to Settings / Voice and activate the option of ‘Ok, Google’. With this key activated, you will only have to send the order ‘send a WhatsApp to’ and indicate to which contact to send the message.

Voice Assistant on iPhone

In the case of Apple devices, you will need to have the Siri application. With this voice assistant, you will have to make the configuration of the device. The first thing you have to do is verify that in WhatsApp you have the option ‘Use with Siri’. From there, you will simply have to execute the command ‘send a WhatsApp to’ and the assistant will convert your voice into that message you want to send.

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