Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bets Everything

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bets Everything

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bets Everything It lands with the biggest screen of the market, with dual camera for the first time and with a price of 1,010 euros and a different price in another country.

With the fiasco of Note 7 still hot, Samsung wanted to forget the nightmares of its big bet for 2016 in the phablet range with a device that aims to be crowned the best Android of this exercise and to face the new iPhone, which is expected For the next month of September.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8Samsung already made a smear and new account with the presentation of the Galaxy S8 earlier this year and the South Korean designers have taken that line leaving behind the model Note 7. “People love the infinite screen,” said Justin Denison, Senior Vice President Of Samsung, in the presentation of this Wednesday in New York (United States). And so it has reached the range Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8The Note 8 Screen is 6.3 inches Long With The Edge Range’s infinite Display Concept

The Galaxy Note 8 SuperAmoled screen, brighter, with less reflection of sunlight and with less energy consumption, reaches the mobile market with curved edges, similar to its Edge siblings, minimizing the upper and lower edges.

“See more means less scroll” is another of the phrases that have highlighted in their presentation the directors of Samsung. As the screen grows up to 6.3 inches away from the 5.7 of its predecessor and above the 6.2 inches of the S8 +. The biggest screen in the market and “the one that best fits the hand,” said the South Korean. Although, the screen ratio, compared to his brother S8 +, is lower, stays at 83%.

However, the screen is not the only great novelty that presents this new device. For the first time in its history, Samsung has opted for the two cameras. An initiative already used by other major manufacturers like Huawei, Apple or LG and which Samsung had avoided to date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8Samsung Bets For The First Time By Dual Camera

Two lenses, one wide-angle 12 megapixels and the other with a telephoto lens of similar characteristics, to which they have added a zoom of three magnifications. In addition to this dual camera, Samsung engineers have added a stabilization and autofocus system for both lenses, allowing the lovers of photography to play with focus and generate the famous Bokeh effect. For its part, the front camera replicates the characteristics of its partner in the S8 range.

S-Pen, The Difference

Beyond the big screen that, from the beginning back in 2011, has boasted the Note range, the S-Pen is the quintessential object that makes the difference of the phablet of Samsung. For the first time, the S-Pen, the South Korean pointer, needs no charging and is water resistant as the complete device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8It comes with new features that allow you to write on the screen when it is off or wet, even edit notes once created. In addition, it incorporates for the first time the Live Message function in which you can draw images or create messages and convert them into animated GIFs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Characteristics

With a weight of 195 grams fat with respect to its predecessor in the range and equips a battery of 3,300 mAh, that have passed all the tests to avoid the losses of 4.900 million euros that have left the Note 7 and of which little has been Spoke on Wednesday in New York.

The interface, in addition to including the Bixby voice assistant and the Samsung Pay payment system, the newest feature is a new multifunction mode that allows you to divide the screen into two and automatically associate the pairs of most used applications to follow them simultaneously.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes on the market in four colors (black, gray, gold and blue). The recommended price is 1,010.33 euros and can be purchased in stores in mid-September.

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