Red 5G Internet: The Advantages That This New Technology Will Bring Us

Red 5G Internet

Red 5G Internet: The new mobile coverage will be 100 Times Faster and will best the current fiber optic networks.

No Dout; The Red 5G internet is already a reality. The fifth generation of mobile telephony will land in world along with most of the countries that make up the European Union in the coming years and few years, also coming in your country. However, these territories will not be the first to enjoy this type of coverage.

Wait Few Years: Red 5G internet is Available in Asian Country

Some Asian countries and the United States will have the privilege of getting ahead of the rest and trying a connection that is expected to be totally revolutionary.

Red 5G Internet


And it is that the red 5G internet, in addition to modifying the day to day of the users, will also have a direct impact on the financial years of companies around the world, although it is still unknown what their total scope will be.

What 5G Internet Speed Limit

The speed with this type of connection will be 100 times faster, with average speeds of 20GB per minute, which means surpassing the current fixed fiber optic networks, but some news websites says, it’s 60 time faster.

Red 5G Internet

However, speed is not the main improvement over 4G. The reduction of the latency, the response time of a device executing an order since the signal is sent, will decrease to the millisecond. The lower the latency, the faster the response of the device.

The improvement in this aspect will make elements that already exist at present also improve their benefits. For example, the so-called ‘Internet of Things’, objects capable of connecting to the Internet autonomously, or autonomous cars, will be more precise.

No Specific Date of Arrival in USA

A specific date to install this connection in USA and in most European countries has not yet been established.

It is pending that the EU members set a common plan to which the telephone operators can accept.It is expected that pending problems will be resolved between this year that has just begun and the next one so that in 2020 the coverage can begin to be commercialized.

The United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany, the latter being the territory that has developed the most internal plan, are the most advanced countries in this regard, having official plans to establish the line.

Outside of European boundaries, Japan or South Korea are some of the most advanced Asian regions in the 5G network. In fact, Seoul hopes to launch the commercial offer in 2018, after conducting the first official tests in the next Olympic Winter Games in the country.