Motorola Patents a Self-healing Screen

Motorola Patents a Self-healing Screen

Motorola Patents a Self-healing Screen

Motorola Patents a Self-healing Screen, The method of repair amazes by its simplicity: the application of heat. Breaking the mobile screen is one of the most important headaches of smartphone users and is also one of the most frequent breakdowns in technical service departments of technology companies.

Motorola has patented a system that allows its screens to be repaired automatically. This new system works with heat and, for the moment, repairs, according to Motorola plans, the screen partially.

Repair Process Operation

This repair process is based on the operation of a shape memory polymer, which already exists and was developed by the University of Rochester in the United States.

The approach of Motorola engineers is to apply this material in the construction of protectors to protect the LCD or LED panels that have installed smartphones and tablets in the market.

Motorola Patents a Self-healing ScreenNew Polymer Developed

With the application of heat, the polymer developed by the University of Rochester is able to recover its original shape by the application of thermal cycles. That is, by applying sudden and very rapid temperature changes on it.

However, at the moment, there are only paper plans registered in the US Patent Office, although the self-repairing material is available to all companies so it could soon hit the market.

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