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most powerful woman

Most Powerful Woman: Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube. She was born surrounded by entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and in 1999 joined Google when she had less than twenty employees. Today is the most powerful woman in the sector on the internet.

Peeking out the window of a home in the 70s and seeing the facade of Hewlett Packard (HP) headquarters, one of the most innovative and important companies of the time, marks anyone. If to that is added that in this case also the myth of the garages of Silicon Valley is fulfilled (in his was born Google of the hand of two companions of University), that Susan Wojcicki (Santa Clara, California, 1968) is today the CEO of the YouTube empire after a meteoric career in the technology sector should not be surprising.

The most powerful woman on the internet: Silicon Valley

most powerful womanDaughter of teachers, she lived all her childhood in the heart of Silicon Valley, between brilliant minds and ambitious students. And although the concept “startup” was not in fashion, this context turned her into a young woman surrounded by people passionate about their projects.

In the garage of his house, he fell in love with the idea of Larry Page and Sergey Brin to sort the information on the internet. They ended up signing in 1999 as employee number 16 of Google, recently graduated in Humanities, like the person in charge of marketing. Led the initial development of several key consumer products such as Google Images or Google Books & Google latest updates.

On occasion, Wojcicki commented that he was so interested in the search engine because he felt he was continuing the work of his grandmother, librarian during the Cold War. “In my first week on Google, I saw users saying they were doing things they had never been able to do before and I realized how incredible this platform could be,” the directive says.

Susan Wojcicki Family: Mother of Five Children

most powerful womanWojcicki breaks the preconceived molds. In addition to being one of the most powerful woman (she fights first with Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook) in a male-dominated sector, the year she switched her work at Intel by Google was pregnant with her first child; and has had four more.

Susan Effort: Never leave the office later than 18 hours. “Dinner at home is not fixed,” she explained in an interview for ‘The Evening Standard’. “It’s a matter of putting some balance.”

In 2015 She Was Recognized By Time As One of The 100 Most Influential People

Feminist does not confess, Wojcicki adopts measures that denote it. At the time of her arrival on YouTube as CEO, there were 24% of women in staff, while today they exceed 30%.

In 2015 she was recognized by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, so she is aware that her words can shed light on a society that still thinks of men when it comes to engineering and technology. “While many disciplines are being transformed because of Latest Technology, most powerful women are just a minority of this workforce that creates so many opportunities,” protests the CEO of YouTube.

In his opinion, the change has to come from the highest level, so that later all professional levels change. “In my case, I am fortunate to have the support of Google’s leaders, but this is not the usual,” Wojcicki told the London daily.

The CEO speaks more openly about politics than most of her colleagues. His father had to flee Poland because he was an important figure of the opposition to communism. “When you come from a refugee family you see yourself in today’s dramas. These people just try to make sure their kids have a better life,” Wojcicki told The Evening Standard.

Most Powerful Woman: That’s why the “difficult” thing has been to see how the door has been closed to thousands of people since Trump’s arrival at the White House. “I never thought I would see Americans protesting at the airport because they did not let immigrants in.”

Every Day More Than 1 Billion Hours of YouTube Videos

most powerful womanEvery Day More Than 1 Billion Hours of YouTube Videos are Consumed in The World, Beyond politics, in Silicon Valley is considered the queen of marketing. He has a clinical eye to discover profitable projects where others would never invest. Some of the signs of identity of the Most Best Search Engine in the history of the internet came with it, like the Doodle, temporary logos that honor some event.

Adwords, the Google word advertising service, was his first project in the company and thus convert the information that the Search Engine orders into the internet into revenue. Although not all have been successes: Google Answers was a failure because nobody wanted to pay for it.

But his search for profitability does not cease. In 2006 he convinced the founders of Google (his former garage tenants) to buy YouTube. For the video, platform paid $ 1.65 billion (about 1.38 billion euros) and eleven years later have already multiplied their value by fifty to exceed 70 billion.

At this time YouTube has been transformed a lot. Now it is, in large part, a platform where thousands of users upload videos explaining to the camera how to make up, How To Play a Video Game or where they tell their day today. They are called ‘YouTubers’, a great quarry that does not stop increasing the potential and the market value of the tool.

Every day more than 1 billion hours of video is consumed on YouTube, so nobody doubts the huge impact that ads have on the platform or the brands that advertise these ‘YouTubers’ with millions of subscribers around the world with a very well-defined target.

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