iPhone New Price on September 12


iPhone New Price on September 12

iPhone New Price on September 12 the new leaks points to Tim Cook will present three new iPhone models With the letters from Samsung on the table, now is to know how the new Apple iPhone will be and when it will see the light. The latest rumors point to September 12 as the date when Tim Cook will present to the world the latest creation of the giant of Cupertino.

However, it will not be a single model, but Apple will release two new versions. The 7s, an improved version of the devices launched in 2016, and the expected iPhone 8, which will break with everything presented before by Apple.

Rumors about the new iPhone focus on the cameras, the screen and, above all, the price. The new leaks claim to exceed $ 1,000, for the first time in its history and following the line already opened by Samsung with Note 8.

iPhone Screen Size

This increase is explained by the growth of the screen of the iPhone 8 that will reach 5.15 inches without frames and also if the famous Home button of the devices of Cupertino. In exchange, rumors suggest that it will incorporate facial recognition and, for the first time, the fingerprint detector on apple bite apple on the back of the smartphone.

iPhone New PriceThe other big secret kept in the offices of Apple is the date of presentation of its new devices, although already known that will be in September. The latest information points to September 12 to celebrate the event where the tenth anniversary of the iPhone will be celebrated.

If confirmed this date, Apple could open reservations for its new devices on September 15 and go on sale on the 22nd, although rumors also point to Apple could delay its launch due to problems in production.

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