IPhone 8 Will See The Light on September 12 At New Apple Campus

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The iPhone 8 Will See The Light on September 12 at The New Apple Campus

There is already date and rumors have come true, the new Apple iPhone 8 arrives on September 12. A new event for the Cupertino giant comes as a surprise and is that for the first time in its history will be held on the Apple Campus.

A new Apple meeting with its followers in which is expected the arrival of a new iPhone on the tenth anniversary of the signature of the bitten apple. Although also expected not to arrive alone, but to do it hand in hand an update of his brothers, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

Unlike other times, Apple has chosen Steve Jobs, the company’s founder, at Apple Park as the epicenter to launch a new smartphone model, which is rumored to break with his old buddies.

Goodbye TouchID

According to Bloomberg in recent months, the team of Tim Cook, CEO of Cupertino giant, will introduce a phone, for the first time for the company, with an OLED technology screen. Along with this great novelty would disappear the frames and, in addition, will be said goodbye to the legendary TouchID brand.

It also ensures that a new model of Apple Watch will unveil and an Apple TV 4K. However, to know if the rumors are true you have to wait 19 hours on 12 September to give you truthfulness.

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Since the end of 2016 rumored with the opening of the new campus of Apple, but its inauguration has been delayed even though there are already Apple workers in their offices.

The Apple Campus was one of Jobs’s latest projects and bears the signature of the British architect Norman Foster. It is designed to accommodate more than 13,000 people on its 80 hectares.

A city for Apple, which is not 100% still, and which counts as epicenter the theater that bears the name of the guru of the giant of Cupertino with capacity, according to rumors, for 1,000 people.

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