Google Home Mini & Google Pixelbook Laptop

Google Home Mini & Google PixelBook
  • Google Home Mini & Google Pixelbook Laptop, The Two New Star Products of Google
  • Expands the range of its smart speakers and introduces the successor to Chromebook Pixel.

Google Home Mini & Google PixelBookGoogle Home Mini & Google Pixelbook Laptop: Google has presented several of its hardware news on Wednesday. The company took advantage of the expected launch of its Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones to introduce two of its new flagship products, the Google Home Mini, which extends the range of its smart speakers and Pixelbook, successor to Chromebook Pixel.

Google Home Mini

Google Home, the intelligent speaker of Google, has Voice Match, which offers personalized answers and adapted to each member of the family, who recognizes and distinguishes by voice. From this Wednesday, it extends to all countries where Google Home is available.

Google Home Mini & Google PixelBookThe Google Home family grows with the introduction of Google Home Mini, a speaker of small size and rounded shape that is compatible with Google Assistant and offers 360 degrees sound.

Google Home is also extended with Max, a rectangular speaker, which can be placed vertically or horizontally, and which integrates Google Assistant. It is a device 20 times more powerful than Google Home and has intelligent sound, a function that adapts the music to the place where it is.

Google Home Mini will be available in countries where Google Home may already be available. It will go on sale next October 19, at a price of $ 49. Google Home Max will arrive in December, priced at $ 399.

Google PixelBook Laptops

Google Home Mini & Google PixelBookGoogle has unveiled PixelBook, its premium Chromebook, which features a slim design and weighs 1 kilogram. It has a hinge on its side that allows you to adopt different positions, to use as a laptop, as a screen or as a tablet.

This equipment features a 12.3-inch screen, on an LCD panel with Quad HD resolution. Its battery offers a range of up to 10 hours on a single charge or up to two hours of use with a charge of 15 minutes. It integrates an Intel Core processor –i5 or i7–, up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD storage.

PixelBook comes with integrated Google Assistant. It has the function ‘Instant Tethering’, which in case of not having a WiFi connection, allows you to connect to the Pixel terminal. As a compliment, this terminal features PixelBook Pen, a pen that offers up to 2,000 pressure levels and recognizes a 60-degree incline.

PixelBook will be available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom next October 23, for an initial price of 999 dollars. The pencil will cost $ 99.