Google Commemorates The 50th Anniversary

Google Commemorates The 50th Anniversary

The ‘doodle’ of Google commemorates the 50th anniversary of programming languages for children.

The search engine wanted to celebrate this event with a fun electronic game on its homepage.

Google celebrates on Monday the 50th anniversary of programming languages for children. To do this, the popular search engine has created for its homepage a fun ‘doodle’ in which an electronic game is shown in which the programming systems are emulated.

In the game, a rabbit has to jump from piece to piece to pick up carrots. To do this, the user must guide the rabbit’s way through instructions that mute these programming systems.

The game consists of several difficulty levels that increase as you progress.

The History of The Doodle

Google often decorates the letters of its logo to celebrate the anniversaries of celebrities or key dates in the world of science or culture, such as the birth of Charles Chaplin, the winners of the Nobel, the anniversary of ‘Don Quixote’ or either a relevant or novel event or the Gregorian calendar.

Other doodles were dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the birth of John Lennon, with a video that reviewed the imagery of the Beatle; the 60th anniversary of the publication of ‘The astronauts’ by Stanislaw Lem, with several mini-games, or the incredible dedicated to Les Paul, recreating a guitar inspired by the master of the six strings that allowed users to compose songs.

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