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Google Android O

Google Launches Android Oreo – Google Android O The new version of Google’s operating system is focused on security and power. Some old Google Operating System. Cupcake, Donut, Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat … and finally Oreo. This could be the list of the purchase of a sugar addict, but they are the surnames of the operating system of Google, Android.

Google Android OOn March 21, Google Android O or version 8.0 came in a test version for developers and since then little has been known, just a few brushstrokes. Only a video in Google Plus called Google Oreo was escaped, although later it was changed by Octopus.

Without leaving anything to chance in the matter of marketing, Google Android O has taken advantage of the solar eclipse to launch Android Oreo and with many novelties, mainly a greater autonomy of the battery and faster to load. They have also been surprised with lots of milk to delight the guests with their new partner.

Allows You To Watch One Video And Work With Another Application

Among all the new features presented by the engineers of the search engine giant highlights the concern for security, energy and greater convenience for the user. “Malhechores trying to paste malicious software on your device? Android O is a more secure operating system, thanks to the incorporation of Google Play Protect,” announces the search giant in its official blog.

Although it emphasizes a better management of all the sections of the operating system of Google. Android Oreo advances in the grouping of notifications that introduced the giant of the search engines with its version Nougat.

Google Android OGoogle Android O 8.0 groups, for example, notifications of Whatsapp by contacts, rather than by applications. That is if you have several messages from one contact and another from another, each group will be grouped for better organization and visualization.

In addition, Google Android O – the Oreo version allows to activate bubbles, similar to those used by Facebook Messenger and that is present in some Android customizations. With a single look at the screen, you can see the number of notifications in that app.

Google Android O Will Group The Notifications of Messages in Whatsapp By Contact

The Android Oreo desktop not only brings better organization and clarity with the organization of notifications, Google presents a new visualization of its icons. The goal of the Mountain View company’s engineers is clear: more dynamic icons.

Wink To YouTubers

The relationship between Google and its YouTube fans does not have a good time with many ups and downs caused by the monetization of the videos and, above all, the problems with the content in the search engine giant’s video platform.

In the new version of Android, developers have included the Picture in Picture mode with which you can have a floating video window above any other application and you can work on both at once.

Google Android OMore Durable Battery

Beyond protecting against attacks on its operating system and improving the organization of the desktop, Android has continued with its plan to improve the efficiency and energy expenditure derived from its system.

In the past Google, I / O spoke to the developers of the Fluid Experience concept. Work continues to focus, once again, on reducing the consumption in the background of all applications of Smartphones.

Android Oreo will be available by the end of the year on major smartphone brands

While awaiting launch for the public, rumors indicate that Google will set three levels to control the activity in the background of applications.

“We are releasing the source code on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for everyone today. The Pixel 5X and 6P are in the test phase by manufacturers and we hope to start launching soon, as well as with Pixel C and Nexus Player, “they explain on their blog. For the rest of devices will have to wait at the end of this year.

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