Facebook Launches Watch Video Platform

Facebook Launches Watch video platform

Facebook Launches Watch video platformFacebook Launches Watch video platform

Facebook Launches Watch video platform – a new video replay tab in which the series and original programs produced by the social network itself will be of great importance. This service will be available both on the web version of Facebook as the ‘apps’ for smartphones and televisions this latest technology.

To prepare the launch of Watch, Facebook has contacted content creators with the aim of the recording material can only be seen in this service. These exclusive programs include Little Kitchen, a cooking show starring children and created by the famous culinary Tastemade account, according to advances the written statement on the blog of the social network.

At Watch, there will also be room for other non-exclusive content from Facebook, such as comedy programs and sports broadcasts, featuring the weekly broadcast of a game of the American baseball league.

What Are Friends Watching

Facebook has not let go of its more social side in its new platform of videos. Users will be able to see what their friends on the social network are viewing on the ‘What friends are watching’ tab, and talk to both contacts and strangers while viewing a show or series.

In addition, Watch programs and series sharing with friends, save episodes to watch later, and discover new content into sections like ‘Most Discussed’ or ‘What makes people laugh’.

Facebook Create Service Of Original Programs

A few months ago it was shared that Facebook planned to create a service of original programs by the end of summer. The Wall Street Journal ahead then the platform would be aimed at audiences aged 13 to 34 years, but have not heard more about this service so far.

Facebook will release Watch this week for a small number of users in the United States, as a test. The social network anticipates that the service will reach more users soon, but has not revealed a specific date.

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