Candy Crush Anniversary: Five Years Crossing Sweets

Candy Crush Anniversary

The famous Mobile game is an anniversary and brings news. This figure is the highest score ever achieved in Candy Crush Anniversary Saga, how many hours of play? How many levels? Many questions and many figures accumulate this game that this Tuesday celebrates its fifth anniversary and that on more than one occasion has brought boredom to its followers.

Candy Crush: Five Years Crossing Sweets

The first game of the franchise, Candy Crush Saga, created by Sebastian Knutsson and a small team in Stockholm, was launched for mobile phones in November 2012. With more than 2,800 levels and rising, more than 1.1 billion games have been played in global Five years later two new games have been released as part of the franchise, Candy Crush Soda Saga, and Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

“We are very excited to be able to share this special milestone with our players around the world,” says King’s creative director. “The last five years have been incredible and we are very lucky to have so many fans.

A simple mobile game that consists of crossing sweets. Since its launch in the USA and another country, only 13.3 million games have been played per day and the hours preferred by the Spaniards are the desktop, from 15 to 16 hours and from 22 to 23 hours.

But this game is not from one country. Accumulate millions of downloads in both the App Store and Google Play, “is played even in Antarctica,” says the company. The preferred day is Thursday. Each day a distance of 115,000 km is swiped in the game. Almost three times the circumference of the Earth, or the equivalent of running 2,725 marathons

Fifth Candy Crush Anniversary

To commemorate this Candy Crush Anniversary, King has released some game updates in addition to giving players the most powerful booster to date within a Party Booster.

Players will receive two free boosters with special effects never seen before, eliminating all candies from the board and damaging each blocker in just one time. Also, when the play is over, the booster effect will continue with a round of help candies: a striped candy, a wrapped candy, a colored bomb and a fish.

Each of these will explode immediately, further helping players progress through the Candy Kingdom and feel the sweet taste of victory.

The Party Booster will be available to players from level 29 onwards, from November 14 to November 23, 2017, through iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows.

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