Bluetooth Cyber Attacks: How To Hack Mobile Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth Cyber Attacks

Bluetooth Cyber Attacks: Blueborne allows you to control computers, mobiles, and tablets without the victim noticing ‘entering’ through the wireless connection system.

Security researchers at Armis Labs have released a white paper detailing a severe vulnerability that can potentially allow remote code execution and attacks on billions of Bluetooth-enabled devices. A security problem that affects, especially, the mobile ones being permanently connected. But are not the only ones.

CyberCriminal Use Bluetooth Cyber Attacks

BlueBorne is an attack that can allow cybercriminals to use Bluetooth to silently take control of target devices without any action on the part of the victim. That is, for a device to be compromised, it does not have to be paired with the attacker’s device, it does not even need to be configured in “detectable” mode.

Up to eight zero-day vulnerabilities (including four critical) can be used to hack most Bluetooth devices, regardless of operating system. That is, more than five billion Bluetooth devices worldwide are potentially vulnerable to this security breach.

Up to eight zero-day vulnerabilities (including four critical) can be used to hack most Bluetooth devices, regardless of operating system. That is, more than five billion Bluetooth devices worldwide are potentially vulnerable to this security breach.

BlueBorne Discovered History

Although it has been recently when the general public has known the existence of Blueborne, it is actually a vulnerability discovered months ago. David Sanchez, Head of Technical Support at ESET, said that “Armis Lab and other Technical Lab acted correctly by notifying the affected companies months before making it public”, in order to allow time to launch security patches.

However, “most of the affected companies, although they are working on it, have not yet solved the vulnerability”, he denounced. “The longer it takes to fix it, the longer the cybercriminals will have to develop malware to take advantage of this vulnerability. The publication of this news.

How to Fix This Malware

By Armis Cybersecurity Security Lab serves to warn users, but especially to give a touch of attention to companies that have not yet implemented a solution to this problem.

But G DATA Software’s cybersecurity expert, Eddy Willems, asserts that this lion is not as violent as he is painted or painted. “We could say that the potential danger is gigantic but there is a great distance between the potential danger and the real danger, which is much more limited, so do not fall into unnecessary alarmism.” In addition, it says that “the main operating systems are already patched and are no longer vulnerable”.

BlueBorne Affects All Wireless Connectivity

Although BlueBorne affects all devices with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, some experts say the two most vulnerable platforms are Android and Linux. This is because the way in which the Bluetooth functionality is implemented in these operating systems makes them very susceptible to the memory corruption vulnerabilities that can be used to execute practically any malicious code remotely, allowing the attacker to potentially access the resources of the system sensitive on compromised devices that often fail to get rid of the infection even after multiple reboots.

In addition, G DATA Software’s Cybersecurity Protection expert reports that “the update policy we have with Android devices is disturbing. Just as Google releases the corresponding patch to seal this particular vulnerability or any other if manufacturers do not release respectively for all their terminals.

In order to know if we are affected, in the case of Android devices there is a free application, created by the company that discovered the vulnerability & Bluetooth Cyber Attack, which indicates if your device is vulnerable and “also offers the possibility of scanning the nearby devices to check if they are also vulnerable, “explains the head of Eset.

Cyber Security Experts Said: Installed Security Solution

If we have discovered that our terminal is vulnerable to this attack, what should we do? Above all, act serenely. And upgrade our equipment. In the case of Android, there is a patch since 9 September.

“The fact of having a vulnerable device does not necessarily imply being infected or implying having to stop using that device. We must be aware that this risk exists and be aware of device security updates and, obviously, have an installed security solution. Yes, also on Android ยป, insists Cyber Security Expert.

Because, in addition, this expert believes that security updates will arrive before this vulnerability can be used by cybercriminals. “Probably the disturbance caused is nothing, but to mitigate the risk, for example, we should limit the use of Bluetooth and risk Bluetooth cyber attack. It really does not need to be activated all day, only on very specific occasions when we are going to use it. ”

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