All Aerial Work Will Be Performed With Drones


All Aerial Work Will Be Performed With Drones

80% of All Aerial Work Will Be Performed With Drones in 10 years – According to the Association of Airline Companies, these aircraft will become more and more relevant in our daily lives. The organization emphasizes that the market of the drones will be favored in the most country when a Royal Decree that regulates enters into force. A “white paper” on the sector is being prepared.

Aircraft piloted from the ground will become increasingly relevant and in 10 years 80% of the aerial works and 20% of the transport flights will be carried out with drones, according to the Association of Airlines (AECA). This situation will result in the replacement of helicopters and light aircraft by piloted aircraft from the ground. The drones will carry out activities so far “unimaginable”, such as shipments of parcels, surveillance operations or emergency actions, the entity said in a statement.

All Aerial Work Will Be Performed With DronesDrones Regulates Activity

According to AECA, the market will be favored in the most country when it enters into force the Royal Decree that regulates this activity until there is a single European standard, whose publication is expected in the coming months. The new regulations will allow the use of drones in urban environments, at night and at higher height and distance.

Facing this reality, the association has announced the preparation of a “white paper” on the sector of drones in us and another country in which will study the current situation and future prospects of the new type of aviation, which will have to coexist with systems Current.

RPAS Drones

The “white paper” will include, among other points, the creation of a National Directory of RPAS (drones) that includes the institutions, companies, and professionals of the new industry, as well as an analysis that will determine the expectations of the sector in the short and long term.

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