Tips for Choosing a 3D Printer Without Dying in The Intent

3D Printer

The diversity is very broad and it is fundamental to prioritize the needs of each user, Nowadays, users who want to buy after Choosing a 3D Printer have before them a whole odyssey due to the diversity and variety of the catalog available in the market.

Tips for Choosing a 3D Printer Without Dying in The Intent

Whether for home, office or school, the features of these devices vary and the needs of the users depend on the purpose for which they want it, making it even harder to choose.

When buying a 3D printer, it is worth taking into account a series of keys, which the company EntresD has collected in eight targeted tips to help in their choice to those interested.

Uses of The 3D Printer

From EntresD consider that, first, it is necessary for the user to ask what the 3D printer wants, the type of use it will give – whether it is professional or personal, intensive or punctual – and if you want to print in color. This way it is possible to define exactly what type of printer fits best or even if you really need to acquire one.

3D Printer Budget

The next step is to decide how much money you are willing to invest for the purchase. This aspect is important because of the large price difference between domestic and professional 3D printers.

3D Printer Supplies

Another major point to be made concerns the materials used by the printers. ABS and PLA are the most common, the former being one of the most versatile and best-working materials, while the latter is made from maize and is therefore environmentally friendly.

3D PrinterHowever, there are also printers that use alternative materials such as ‘laybrick’, ‘laywood-D3’, ‘soft pla’ (for flexible objects), nylon (reusable ) or ‘belay’ (it is transparent) and other Brands of Printer like Hp-Printer and Dell-Printer.

As for the price of the cartridges, this depends on the size and type of the roll. As explained by the company, a roll of ABS filaments costs around 30 euros, with the ability to print dozens of designs, and can also be found in different colors.

3D Printer Design Tips

In the case of PLA filaments, cost about 40 euros and its duration is greater. It is advisable to make sure that the printer accepts any brand of cartridges or only the brand sold by the manufacturer.

The speed of printing is a feature in which 3D printers differ most. These devices usually have two types of speed: the speed of movement, which marks how quickly the head of the tool moves without printing; and the print speed, which is calculated according to the millimeters per second it is able to print. The type of material and the size of the design also affect the speed of printing.

3D printer Software and Quality

The software of the printers is related to the preparation of the piece at the time of printing: the position of the object, print speed or density, among others. Entress recommends weighing what ‘software’ suits best, assessing its level of difficulty and also attending to its compatibility.3D Printer

The quality in a 3D printing is greater the thinner each layer, which grants more quality and precision to the final result. The optimum size for each advises EntresD is at least 0.1 mm thick. The print quality is also related to the alignment of the three axes (X, Y, Z) and with the calibration, among other aspects.

Finally, since the Latest Technology of the 3D printers advances fast, it is highly recommended, as they share from Entress, make sure what type of warranty the manufacturer offers, whether there are the possibility of purchasing ‘kits’ of expansion and whether it includes assistance and replacement parts.